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International Tennis Number (ITN)
Gary Tan

ITN Overview

The ITN is an international tennis number that represents a player’s general level of play. In time it is hoped that every tennis player worldwide will have an ITN.

Developed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in 2001, this system players allows players to be rated from ITN 1 – ITN 10. ITN 1 represents a high level player (holding an ATP / WTA ranking or of an equivalent playing standard) and ITN 10 is a player that is starting to play competitively (can serve and return) on a full court using a normal ITF approved ball.

The ITN Description of Standards avoids rating players purely on the technical assessment of individual shots. Instead it uses as its basis:

  • The general characteristics of various playing levels
  • The five-game / tactical situations of tennis
    (e.g. serving, returning, both at baseline, approaching, passing) and
  • The game-style of the player.

The ITF recommend if insufficient competitive results exist for a player to be accurately rated, that the ITN On Court Assessment should be used as the next best way to rate the player. In light of the fact that some recreational players are not able (for different reasons) to play competitively we would recommend that these players are allowed to improve their ITN rating up to ITN 7 by doing the ITN On Court Assessment. The ITN On Court Assessement is an excellent tool for players of all levels to be rated and will allow them to measure their improvement and development in specific areas related to their level of play.

Full ITN Description of Standards can be downloaded in PDF format (56KB). Click here!

Sports By 5 panel of teaching professionals are certified ITN testers. Ratings can be conducted in groups of 4-6 by appointment and is open to all.

To book a session and rates, please call Gary @ 9685-1765 or email:

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